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We offer a variety of cabinets and countertop options for your Orange County home. Choose to reface your kitchen cabinets , or completely replace them with stock cabinets or custom cabinets . Remodel your kitchen and transform your home with our huge selection of stain colors, door and drawer fronts and crown molding options.
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Orlando Refacer. Kitchen or bath. All Kitchen/Bath Photos are property of Kitchen Renew under Hampstead Group Inc. You may not distribute these without proper consent.
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Jun 05, 2015 · Tile 101: Choosing the Right Grout for Your Tile June 05, 2015. Grout is more than just the glue that holds your tile together– it is a vital part of the design. Often overlooked, grout selection is as important as your tile selection; it is the key to loving the end result.
Concrete Kitchen Countertops. Are you in the process of remodeling your kitchen? If your answer is yes, then go for concrete kitchen countertops. Apart from their durability, they are also heat resistant, easy to repair in case of chipping and provide the ideal flat surface to incorporate a chopping board. Mar 13, 2019 - If your laminate kitchen countertops are worn but still sound, give them a fresh, new look by resurfacing them. A variety of countertop colors are available.
Contact paper countertops are the perfect solution for old counters when it is just not possible to change out the countertop, either due to budget restraints, or the fact that you are renting.Replacing a countertop can take weeks; a refinishing job is complete in only 2-3 hours. Additionally, you’ll avoid the construction mess that comes with demolition and installation associated with replacing a countertop. In fact, kitchen countertop refinishing and resurfacing saves people as much as 70% of the overall cost of tile replacement.
You'll pay $400 to $650 for an average kitchen countertop refinishing, and the pros will be in and out of your home in about four hours. A five-year warranty is standard. Get-A-Grip products are made for refinishing cabinets, ceramic tile, and both laminate and cultured marble countertops. Aug 18, 2014 · When your countertop slab's material is the prize, the showstopper, the focal point, the piece de resistance… When only having it on the countertop is not enough… When you want it to make a statement… When a broader band of it gives you the drama you’re looking for and adds importance to the material… Kitchen countertop appliances. Sort By
Design your dream table with Reclaim Renew! Choose between three different base styles: Curved Trestle, H-Frame, or Straight Trestle Plus. Next choose between black, white, or gray for the color of the base. Determine what size top you would like and pick between the three different finishes that we offer for tops! Jan 28, 2013 · How can you spruce up the look of your kitchen or bath without spending a fortune? Freshen up your countertops! Here’s how to buff out scratches and stains in your cultured marble:
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